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Roadmapping the implementation of #AI/ #GenAI

Updated: Mar 12

Roadmapping the implementation of #AI/ #GenAI with digital teams is a tech as well as a creative challenge in today's current arena. Listening to Adobe CC's live event "SoDA Series Live: On Gen AI", as the moderator mentioned, it's easy to forget spell check has been around for years and is a form of AI. A perfect example and solid definition of AI. It's a tool to work faster and ensure quality when used appropriately, confirmed or altered, and approved by the user (or expert).

As AI technology rapidly morphs and advances, creative/media teams will be able to keep up with some of these tool updates, but not with all. A good example of this is systems and software integration within digital production and creative ops. Teams are only able to make upgrades, catching up with current technology, through a process of discovery, time, funding, training, department partnerships, daisy chaining tech, and finally, implementation. Necessary steps to the success of any system improvement.

As an industry photographic expert, it's easier to know where to apply AI as a tool to speed up processes, reduce budgets, or expand on imagery being creating (whether on set or in post). However, for clients or people who haven't worked these specific creative/production roles, it's misconstrued as an end-all solution. The dialog shifts from "fix it in Photoshop" to "just use AI".

It's not that simple. Currently, AI is a tool. An amazing tool. One that will expand into every area of our lives from medicine to food, media to energy. However, it still requires expertise to successful every tool usually does.

Ironically, as I posted these thoughts on Linkedin, I noticed, in the left corner of the post window, a button that read "Rewrite with AI". :)

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