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Essentials in Creating Impactful Imagery with your Smartphone

Wondering how to create better images with your iPhone or smartphone? Have a new iPhone hoping to capture wonderful moments or amazing scenes but just can't get the hang of it? Want to learn more about iPhone's camera user interface to be able to shift and react to shoot faster? What is the best setup for the phone so you are less likely to fail? What editing options can you use to polish that final product so that it gleams?

Join Sean for a special 90-minute interactive presentation and Q&A. Reserve your seat for Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:30 PM at the Fairway Room at Creekside Clubhouse with the Rossmoor Photography Club in Walnut Creek, California (East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area).


Registration fee is $20 if you are a Rossmoor Photography Club member (or family member), or $50 for Rossmoor community residents or the public.  Space is limited and will fill up quickly with preference given to club members. 

Register to join us!

Registration fee is $20 for Rossmoor Photography Club members, $50 for Rossmoor community residents or non-residents. Fill out the form below for additional details, contact Zina Mirsky (Rossmoor Photography Club) at, or sign up here:

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