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Style guides for eCom

Style guides are a formatted set of standards, in our eCommerce world used for photography, video, and copy. Established to standardize requirements and provide guidance in visual and written composition, these process documents cover creative and technical aspects to generate compliance, guarantee quality, establish consistency throughout a collection of assets.

eCom Style Guides were created out of necessity, yet today's model is outdated, too basic for competitive industries. In order to fit a formatted overall look including item requirements, shoot specs, and post-production standards, these docs can become convoluted, difficult to reference quickly in a high-production environment.

Brand strategy must take precedent before you can transition. A/B testing, analytics, and product guidelines are added, the combination focused around style, demographics, and sales. Tie in a system built on process including a shot matrix, star childs, styling and lighting guides, and you have the formula to bring success to an eCom team.

Want to learn more? I can expand on the photographic process that adds efficiency to Creative Ops, drives quality, and improves customer experience, taking your company to the next level.

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