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The best photos are taken with the camera you carry.

“The best photos are taken with the camera you carry.” Applied this quote a year ago to a similar iPhone post. Shot these on an iPhone as well, no Photoshop except to turn B&W on occasion (yes, that first rain-soaked leaf is real with those actual colors). I never stop creating, so having a camera in my pocket is perfect to scratch that proverbial itch.

iPhones and mobile photography has progressed exponentially, yet don't let the ads fool you. Not everyone can capture impactful images in a moments notice. Sure anyone can get lucky, yet the awareness of light, form, composition, the moment, angles, mood, subject matter, selective focus, color theory, and gesture all matter when it comes to creating a dynamic scene, whether for yourself, for a product, or a campaign. Reaching a level where it becomes completely natural requires thousands of hours of work, analyzation, study, talent, and passion.

That's why I enjoy leading photo teams in eCom, for ad and email campaigns, on set or in post production. I see the details needed to improve an image, whether it's detail in a shirt on a white background, choosing the best fashion shot for a certain look, or overseeing editing and retouching of a room full of home decor items.

Trained eyes for this medium are needed and required for true digital production success, even in an AI world.

© Sean Arbabi | (all rights reserved worldwide)

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