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Ecommerce Color managment

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Consistent #color isn’t a given. Variables occur throughout production. If a system isn’t incorporated, #colormanagement can be all over the place. If color defines any part of your product, sales can be lost, returns can increase.

One of the first processes I reviewed when joining my team was how we dealt with color. Wanting to ensure #standards were maintained, I met with the Creative Director only to be informed it wasn't her focus. "I'm not concerned. The end user rarely views a calibrated monitor, so we can’t control what they see". Definitely not my approach.

When shooting thousands of #eCommerce products, proper color is key. If an apparel merchant buys twenty grey suits in a mix of tones and hues, they clearly want the differences to be apparent online. As consumer grade monitors improve, color inconsistencies become more evident.

So we went to work addressing all color processes, cutting variables, neutralizing temperature and tint shifts on set, upgrading and calibrating equipment, educating staff, and revamping post-production efforts. We removed vague color terms, replaced by less subjective terms.

Once completed, we rarely received a color complaint, and if so, it was often on an older asset. What a #hue-mongous improvement...sorry, I couldn't help myself. :)

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