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Soft or hard sales pitches? An overseas perspective.

Traveling recently with friends through Italy, Turkey, and Greece, we came across a variety of sales pitches from store owners, street vendors, and even tour guides. From all of the approaches, some easy, professional and welcoming, others uncomfortable, off-putting, and stressful, came a thought. What works better, hard or soft sales pitches? What adds to the shopping experience? What would keep a customer in the store longer? Ultimately, what would drive #sales better?

Although covid heightened #eCommerce to unprecedented levels, the obvious and massive presence in brick and mortar, especially in tourist areas, continues to contribute a large part of #revenue for many companies. Regardless if it's a mom-and-pop or expensive name brand, to me, it's all about the experience. The products, quality, kind informative employees, speed and ease of checkout, ambiance, and when it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity, the air conditioning. :)

When presented with sales people approaching within a foot of your face, following you and asking if you liked one item or the next, demanding to the point of being followed into the streets, exits came quickly and wallets remained untouched. I thought to myself, "If their approach were opposite, I'd stay longer, view more merchandise, maybe make a purchase, but their way just wants to make me dart out immediately". I recognize cultural and economic differences possibly driving some of this behavior, but the goal still remains the same- make more sales.

What do you think? Do hard pitches increase sales, or is a "I'm here if you need anything" approach better? I know which I prefer, but not sure the numbers agree.

(No charts or graphs to confirm thoughts, so instead just sharing some images I captured along the way! Amazing trip btw- highly recommend!) © Sean Arbabi | (all rights reserved worldwide)

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