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Ted Lasso

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Starting watching Ted Lasso for the first time. My wife and I rolled through Season 1, started Season 2. Didn’t know anything about the show except he was a coach.

I must say, I love Ted Lasso.

Ted is a nice person, underestimated and oversimplified. You can be nice and thoughtful, kind and humble, and still be great at your job.

Ted has a good heart. He cares. When colleagues see you have a good heart and care, camaraderie builds and teams are more successful. Well most of them appreciate it. There are those difficult few in the bunch, as the comedy mirrors life.

Ted understands people just want to be included, to be a part of a team, to feel welcomed and respected, to be heard, to be appreciated. Good ideas can come from anyone. Leadership doesn't dictate you come up with all the ideas.

Ted is silly and funny. Being silly and funny doesn't make you unprofessional or undisciplined....just pick your moments accordingly.

Ted is honest and loyal. People appreciate honesty and loyalty. Leading by example can change the dynamic of a team.

Ted understands people want to feel happy. He believes you can win people over being this way, fostering this type of environment. I believe this too. And all of the above.

Be curious…not judgmental.

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