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When GenAI is placed in the wrong hands

Here's the concern with AI when placed in the hands of a non-professional. One who has little understanding of photography or retouching using Generative AI. At first it may look ok, however zoom in a little and the detail becomes bizarre and alienish. Real posts folks.

I've seen a lot of this online as it spills into eCommerce production, companies short on time, lacking planning, processes, and proper resources. Creating content fast doesn't compare to creating content that's successful. This requires a specialist, a professional, an image expert recognizing every aspect of photography and/or Photoshop, whether product-based or conceptual, for ecom or editorial. Someone placing items together that fit with realism, with angles, light, size, quality, tonal values and detail (or lack there of depending on technical aspects such as depth-of-field or resolution).

It is possible to create content faster and cheaper, however it's done through establishing a network of proper sound processes, equipment, input from professionals who do it everyday, and systems that integrate more efficiently. Not this. #artificialintelligence #genai #generativeai #photoshop #digitalproduction #ecommerce #instagram #aigenerated #painfulecommerce #aigonewrong

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