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How GenAI Should Be Used in Digital Production

GenAI is a great tool for digital production.

Here's a small example of how Generative AI in Photoshop's Beta version can speed up retouching. In the past, creating something from nothing was a retoucher's challenge, but Adobe is slowly solving this issue. This may look like a simple clone to remove plants (a photo I shot on Santorini in July), however, GenAI created the texture on the building, on the white fence, and maintained the gradation of shadowing, all within seconds.

It completed the task, but I made the decision to remove specific items, had a calculated reason based on a specific ask, and confirmed the results, choosing one of three options Photoshop provided. Then fine-tuned it to complete the image.

I've seen horrific examples of AI generated "photos" on Instagram, created by what I'd assume is someone with little understanding of normal photography, leaving bizarre nonhuman-like figures with arms growing out of heads and faces looking like an amalgam of alien parts. Or street scenes that physically couldn't occur in the real world, such as a San Francisco skyline that looked more like a scene out of the movie Inception. Fine for a fantasy-like creation but not to pawn off as real.

This article came out over a month ago discussing what we're getting wrong about our approach to AI, sharing the problem and the opportunity. It speaks to letting Humans Human and Machines Machine, and I agree. Viewing AI as an approach to speeding up processes is valid. Viewing it as a end-all solve for most tasks or projects is not. At least not yet.

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