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My article in Photoshop User's October 2023 issue

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Sharing some writing I did in Photoshop User's latest issue (October 2023 through Kelby Media). I participated in an article on the top 100 Adobe Lightroom hot tips (covering tips #51-#60). Fun to write, and techniques I use on a regular basis to process my RAW files.

Recognizing all aspects on how to process RAW files to maximize their quality, depending on the output and final usage, is critical not only for photographers and digital techs, but for digital production overall, for eCom and print, for photo studio workflows, for web team layouts and online image quality. Understanding dynamic range, contrast, noise reduction, and realistic saturation is important. Whether to recover highlights and shadows and how much, or to not recover at all (when attempting to create drama) plays a part to the final image.

These details may seem technical in nature, yet they are the knowledge that stretches your photos and takes them to the next level. It's what separates amateur-quality photography from professional photography.

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